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Camp Cornish offers 15 acres of forested land bordered by the area’s beautiful Amish country. Grounds include Cornish Lodge and a primitive camping area. It was established on May 17, 1946, when the deed for the camp was transferred to Mount Vernon Girl Scouts. Ten years later, the Mount Vernon Rotary Club built a log cabin lodge there. In 2006, the club assisted with the demolition of the old building and a new lodge was dedicated on May 17, 2008. 

Camp Cornish Lodge Details:

Max occupancy: 50 people 

Max Sleeping occupancy: 20 people 

No alcohol or tobacco products permitted on the property.

Rental fees are $150 per day for corporate/ private parties $50 per day for non-profits. 


The Community Foundation and private donors, The Ariel Foundation and Ramser Arboretum, provided the funds to purchase the campsite. All three contributed significantly to the construction of the new lodge on the campgrounds, completed in 2007. The Camp Cornish Foundation manages the property. The Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland is given access to the camp facilities 35 days per year.

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Board of Directors

Mark Ramser

Jan Reynolds

Sam Barone

Kurt Schisler

George Barcus

Board Member

Tim Cook

Board Member

Chrystal Rardin

Board Member

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We're thrilled to offer this diverse outdoor learning opportunity to our visitors.

"Thanks to this creative partnership, present and future generations of Girl Scouts will learn and grow at Camp Cornish, as many of their parents and grandparents did in the past.”

Tammy Wharton, CEO
Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council

20280 Cornish Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

Tel: 740-392-3270 ext. 4

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